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The Android video app can record your entire bowling or dance session or a part of it. There is an option to opt for the Pro version that essentially gets rid of the ads. The pace of the video can be changed with a simple scale that ranges between 0.

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Values lower than 1 slows down the video and values greater than 1 fastens the video. Slow Motion Video FX. KMPlayer is now available for Android devices, which were limited to the desktop earlier. This slow-motion video player app which has the option to be customized over 30 languages.

This Android player app can play the videos in the range of 0. In addition to speeding up or making the videos slow down, KMPlayer even allows to multi-task. Just for an example, when you use KMPlayer, you can browse through Google Drive and also play your favorite video simultaneously. With KMPlayer it is possible to do all the things that were earlier possible with video players such as the VLC player.

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Watching movies, TV shows, video clips all can be done with this slow-motion video app. The app even supports HD videos and subtitles in the videos, and possible to do some adjustments to the subtitles. The app dashboard comes loaded with many handy tools. KMPlayer is a decent app that can be your default video player. KM Player. KineMaster is by far the robust, feature-rich, widely used slow-motion video editing app for Android devices. A free version of the app is available in the PlayStore that comes with a KineMaster logo on the output videos.

Best Slow Motion Camera and Video Apps for Android

However, It is recommended to go for the subscription-based full version. The full version of this best slow motion video app is packed up with interesting and powerful features that definitely will make your video editing experience worthy. The speed controller in this Video editor app is simple to use. The interface is loaded with editing tools that help to create professional standard videos. KineMaster supports almost all the audio, video and image formats and supports devices running Android 4.

There is an Asset Store that is loaded with features ranging from music tracks to overlays and effects. This slow-motion video editing app supports real-time audio-video recording that allows for an easy preview.

Cara Slow Motion Cinematic Video di Android

Brightness and saturation control, animation styles, precision trimming, audio filters, transition effects are few to name from the rich selection of features and applications this app provides. Slow Motion Video is one of the simplest and easy to use slow motion video editing app. This app can play the videos directly from the gallery in slow motion. The app can also record videos and play it back in slow motion. If you are looking for a video app that solely solves the purpose of playing videos in slow motion, then Slow Motion Video is the app to opt for.

The Image Mode gives you more space to deal with snap shots such as stop motion animations. The other advantage to support time lapse videos adds more value to the app.

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  • Apple has added iPhone Slow Motion feature since iPhone 5, which allows you to shoot slow motion video without the help of any slow motion video app. You will also like reading: Top 5 Slow Motion Video Players. Videoshop is probably the most powerful video editors available in the Apple store, which also has the function to record slow motion video.

    With Videoshop, you will record a normal video in the first place, then this slow motion video editor allows you to change the speed of the video in the editing mode to get the best effect of slow motion. What's more, it also provides you powerful editing features, so that you can add music or text on the slow motion videos.

    Slow Motion Fx Video Editor is a very simple slo-mo app with a stylish design, specially developed for having fun and keeping memories bright and joyful. With Slow Motion Fx Video Editor, you can shoot high quality videos with no time limits, apply slow motion effect with instant preview, and save you videos without losing any quality. There will be no watermark on your slow motion video. SloPro is considered to be one of the best slow motion video apps applied on iPhone or iPad.

    It provides amazing slow motion features on iPhone, super slow speeds of fps and fps can be simulated using optical flow to get the best slow motion video. This slow motion video editing software also comes with powerful slow motion editing features such as frame blending, exposure lock, sharing feed and more. This app lets you easily shoot HD videos and export them to your YouTube channel. The app opens up to a very straightforward and spare menu with a giant button for making new slo-mo videos. You can easily set everything with no trouble.

    5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

    SlowCam allows iPhone users to record cool slow motion videos in real time. With this slo-mo video camera, you are able to capture video at 60 or fps for smooth slow motion capture.

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    It can take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of your video to process the effect. Once, the processing is done, you can playback the video and enjoy your slow motion effect. The app is free to download and use with in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock extra features. Free with in-app purchases 5. Hudl Technique Hudle Technique is an app which focuses on athletes and sports fans. The app lets you watch videos in slow motion to help you analyze the skills or mistakes of an athlete. You can also use the app to annotate on the video by either drawing or writing.

    The app is good for someone who is really interested in sports and keeps sharing sports videos. If you fit the description, with Hudl Technique app, you can share videos with slow-motion effects and explanation of the tricks used or mistakes created by your favorite athletes. Also, if you are already using an app which is not on the list, make sure to share with us by dropping it down in the comments section below.

    Agree with adrhdhd. The apps on this list definitely have a better editing component as far as where to add the slo motion effect which i feel the Note 9 slo mo lacks a little bit , but the FPS on these apps is so low it looks super choppy, nothing beats how smooth the Note 9 looks. However, good looking playback is corrupted during saving. The saved video has double images on my s7. Does reviewer experience this? Also changing speed of earlier portions appears to shift successive portions, requiring a strict beginning to end usage. That is, you cant go back to tweek early edits.

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    It worked smoothly for me. Also, one you export the video, you cannot change the settings as it is with any video, audio, or photo editing app. All of them are fake. There is no app besides the built in camera that can record slow motion video.