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The film was produced by DongWoo Animation. D, to fight the alien threat. Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther , is the second film in the series and a sequel to Ultimate Avengers: The Movie , produced by Dong Wu Studios. Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were not in the initial Ultimate Avengers movie and were originally planned to be in the second movie. Using Hawkeye as an example, VP of Marvel Studios' Animation Development Craig Kyle did not want him to be a background character but "he's going to matter" if he appears. Stark creates his armor to become Iron Man and defeat the malevolent being.

Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme with the on-screen title of Doctor Strange is the fourth film in the series and is based on the character of the same name by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko , separate from the Ultimate Avengers universe. The Sorcerer Supreme tells the story of Dr. Steven Strange, an unhappy neurosurgeon who falls victim to a car crash that injures the nerves in his hands, such that he can no longer perform surgery. Looking for a cure, he instead finds a different and higher pursuit as the new Sorcerer Supreme, the top master of the mystical arts.

Next Avengers: Hulk Versus is a double feature film and the sixth in the series. The two features are Hulk Vs. Thor and Hulk Vs. Thor , Thor's villainous half-brother Loki teams up with Enchantress in order to use the Hulk against him. However, separating Bruce Banner from his rampaging persona may lead to a dire consequence in Asgard. In Hulk vs. Wolverine , Logan is sent by the Canadian government to take care of the Hulk.

However, they both get captured and must deal with a mysterious figure and his own mutant team. Planet Hulk is the seventh film in the series. As a slave, he becomes a gladiator in a society ruled by the despotic Red King. After relying on his savage instincts, he becomes the leader of a gladiator group.

Tales of Asgard is the eighth and final film in the series and is based on the character of the same name by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. This animated feature was released on May 17, , 11 days after the Thor film. Tales of Asgard takes place in Thor's early years before he got the hammer. Shifting from a treasure hunt to a life-or-death struggle with Asgard in the balance, Thor must show himself worthy of his destiny.

Felix Vasquez Jr. Anderson of Common Sense Media called it an "average animated action tale [that] features troubled superheroes.

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It's a movie trapped in between target audiences. Anderson of Common Sense Media said, "[This] downbeat superhero story has less character, more violence. David Cornelius of eFilmCritic. From the start the story was pretty straightforward and predictable, though a few twists kept the adventure exciting along the way. Some of the character development also felt kind of forced to me with things simply happening for no reason other than to further the plot.

The solid adventure features a lot of action and a rich comic book atmosphere that will leave you wanting more DVDs just like it.

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Christopher Monfette of IGN said the film "plays out as expected" and has "[a] middle section [that] sags," but features "action sequences [that are] beautifully choreographed and emotionally resonant," and concluded that "strong animation, good acting, and resonant character work bring the icon to life.

The lifeless voice work by Bryce Johnson doesn't help the character, either. Strange will sadly be disappointed by this animated feature. For a superior Marvel animated movie, I'd advise checking out the first Ultimate Avengers. Cindy White of IGN stated, "Rather than the wild, forest landscapes of Canada, this one deals with the stately architecture of Asgard, and there are a lot more characters.

Being less familiar with Thor as a series, some of the shout-outs to the comics were lost on me, for the most part, but I'm sure Thor fans will appreciate them. Thor the plot is a little more calculated and it feels balanced by comparison.

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Thor was watching the monster tear his way across Odin's world. Nothing can stand in his way and there are many outstanding moments and fight scenes peppered throughout the film. In approaching Thor's Hulk as a raging counterpart to Wolverine's more reactive, childlike Hulk, the creators commendably draw a distinction between their interpretations of the character, but the Asgard throw down is simply less fun than its more gonzo counterpart.

Cindy White of IGN said, "The benefits of a direct-to-DVD project like this is that the creators didn't have to shy away from the kind of gore that would be unacceptable for a Saturday-morning audience" commenting on how Wolverine uses his claws on a living entity and not just on robots as in other animated features.

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, screenwriters for both episodes, are veteran comic book writers and well-versed in the world of the X-Men, and as such seem to have injected Wolverine with a bit more energy. Marvel Studios and Lionsgate are headed in the right direction with their animated features, and Planet Hulk feels like another step forward. Brian Costello of Common Sense Media criticized the film for its use of violence, drinking, and sexual innuendo.

There's nothing about Thor: Tales of Asgard that reverses that trend". It's not necessarily one of those animated features you'll want to watch over and over again, but if you're a collector of every Marvel animated movie released, or are looking for an entertaining superhero adventure to rent, definitely check it out". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the comic book, see Ultimate Comics: Craig Kyle, Supervising [1] Executive: Avi Arad Eric S.

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Comic Book Resources. The Movie". Accessed on August 9, August 8th Comic Reel Wrap". Aksar 2 Shab Ragnarok Hindi Dubbed.

Thor 2 dark world hindi

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