Potential Solutions for Fixing iPhone No Sound Issue

A restart can also fix iPhone no sound problems. This will reboot your iPhone. It is very important to try this because a restart refreshes the iPhone memory and erases all the loading glitches and cache. If there is a temporary setback or malfunctions in apps loading, this will eliminate the problem. One of the reasons why you hear no sound on iPhone is because the headphone hack is full of dirt and dust. To eliminate the problem, you need to clean the headphone jack.

You can use a dust blower. Next, use a toothpick or cotton bud to clean the hole. If dust or dirt cover the speaker holes, it will cause no sound on iPhone. You can use a dust blower to get the dust out of the speaker holes and charging port. A glitch in the software can cause tons of issues.

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That is why it is essential to upgrade your device to the latest version of iOS. Here is what you need to do:. This method will wipe all the settings of your iPhone. You can adjust the settings according to your desires again once the issue is fixed. You can do it by opening the Settings, hit General, and click Reset. On the Reset screen, tap on Reset All Settings. You will be asked to enter the passcode. The last step, confirm your action by tapping Reset All Settings on a popup screen. You can erase all content and settings and then set up your device as new.

Just a reminder: Doing so will eliminate temporary glitches on the iPhone.

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After the restart, test your device to see if the sound issue has already been fixed. You can configure Bluetooth settings on your iPhone using the Control Center. Just swipe up from the bottom of any home screen to open the Control Center and then locate the Bluetooth icon. If Bluetooth is enabled, you can see a list of devices that the iPhone is paired with or connected to. Toggle the Bluetooth switch to disable or turn the feature OFF. If not, try another applicable method.

But sometimes, enabling this feature can also cause minor issues to arise including sound problems.

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To avoid causing issues to your iPhone sound, proper configuration on the DND settings is required. When enabled, Do Not Disturb can silence calls, alerts and notifications that you receive while your iPhone is locked. Otherwise, just turn the feature OFF. You will know if DND is enabled on your device if you see a crescent or moon-like figure on the top bar of your iPhone. To turn it off, you can just tap on that icon.

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If you cannot hear any sound alerts for calls, texts, or email notifications from an application, then try to check the notification settings for the specific app. Tap on an app to configure its notification settings. Just select the app in which you are having sound troubles with.

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On the next screen, check and ensure you have allowed notifications from the app by enabling the switch next to Allow Notifications. You can also set the Sounds for the app by tapping on Sounds. Making some changes on the iPhone settings can also be among the possible cause. In this case, you can revert the settings or change them back to its prior configurations. Media files such as music and some apps will be erased in the process. Your last resort should all else failed is to restore your iPhone on iTunes.

How to Fix “iPhone Sound Not Working” with 8 Solutions

This can be the ultimate solution you need especially if the problem is triggered by a major software bug that could not be rectified by a simple reboot or force restart. However, you should backup your iPhone before starting as this process will erase everything from your device and restores it back its factory defaults. Once everything is backed up, you may proceed with the reset. You may be asked to enter your passcode. If so then enter the correct passcode to proceed. Finally, tap the option to Erase iPhone. Your device will now reset to its factory defaults.

Alternatively, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes. In that case, you will need a Windows or Mac computer with the latest version of iTunes installed, in order to proceed.

Why is there no sound when playing games on my iPhone?

If none of the recommended workarounds is able to fix the problem and that your iPhone SE still has no sound, or distorted audio, then you might as well consider the possibility of a hardware damage causing it. This is more likely the case with previous instances of dropping or liquid exposure on your device. It's important to be able to hear sound from your iPhone. You're in the right place for answers. Sometimes, the behavior that you're describing can be caused by your iPhone detecting a wireless speaker or wired headphone connection.

If your iPhone is directing audio to a wireless speaker source, you'll be able to turn that off within your Settings menu. Tap "Forget This Device". You can check if your iPhone is directing audio to a headphone source by adjusting the volume using the side volume buttons: If it does, check out this article: If your headphones don't work with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you follow these steps and still hear no sound or distorted sound, contact us. If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch speaker. Jun 7, 8: After checking again I found out that I do get some sound but it is very very faint.

I can only hear it if I hold the iPhone speaker right to my ear. Jun 7, Dec 10, 7: If you have an Apple Watch activate the corresponding app player controller on the watch.

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  6. This sometimes happens when I try to play music from my iPhone.: I then listen further with no problems. Sounds don't work except for ringtones on 6s More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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