iPhone flash not working

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I turn the phone off for 30 minutes. When I turned the phone back on the camera worked normally. I had same problem after upgrade to ios 9.

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After i restart the phone. The camera still not worked. Flash is Disabled - The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash. Show 1 more comment. Thiha soe.

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Dirk Wangke. I have been wrestling with this problem on iPhone 4S for more than a week. Tried the rear camera out of another iPhone and bingo - problem solved.

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  • Jainendra Tiwari. I got 5s Just went to settings Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question?

    How To Fix iPhone 5 Camera Problems

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    Hello, i think that's a nice solution for this problem and thank you. Wont this erase all of my photos and contacts? Toyo Akoms Rep: Score 5. Score 4.

    Camera freezes or shows black screen

    This doesn't work on my iPhone 5s, pls someone help: Kinnehora kinnehora Rep: Score 3. Sequim mactraders Rep: October 9, at 5: Brooklyn says: October 12, at 5: RickC says: October 15, at 1: RB says: October 15, at GG says: October 17, at 7: Fang says: October 27, at 9: October 29, at Jakob says: October 31, at 2: Lindsay says: November 3, at 9: Alistair says: November 6, at AD17 says: November 11, at 3: Mt Ni Lathaigh says: November 14, at 2: KC says: November 21, at 7: Ruby says: November 25, at 6: Julie says: December 2, at December 6, at Dr Fever says: December 8, at 1: Ree says: December 12, at 8: Alex says: December 13, at 8: December 14, at Noemi says: December 15, at 9: Yucca says: December 29, at 4: John B says: December 17, at 9: December 20, at 4: Sumi says: December 24, at December 25, at 3: Zahir says: December 30, at 4: Rhys says: January 4, at Murillo says: January 4, at 3: Tanya says: January 10, at 2: Bill from Canada says: January 10, at 5: Kevin says: January 11, at 9: Ant says: January 14, at January 24, at 1: Jay says: January 25, at 5: Jon says: January 26, at 5: Sonia Malebranche says: January 30, at 5: MnM says: February 17, at Pete says: February 26, at 7: March 6, at 1: AKoZ says: March 8, at IRAQ says: March 23, at 4: April 14, at Zain says: April 17, at 9: Sandeep says: April 20, at Faiza says: April 24, at 6: Nic says: April 27, at 7: Sammy says: April 28, at 3: Keith says: May 4, at 7: Caluless says: May 5, at May 9, at 5: Bagg It says: May 11, at 7: Dena says: May 12, at 7: Lynn says: May 17, at 5: Yanyan says: May 17, at 9: May 18, at Zach says: June 4, at 8: Rocky says: June 9, at 7: Abby says: June 12, at Herculaas says: June 20, at Liliana villamizar says: July 7, at 4: Lara says: July 12, at 9: Suffian says: July 14, at Theodoors says: July 15, at 3: July 25, at Ananya says: July 26, at 5: Hannah says: July 26, at 3: Jasmine says: August 2, at 3: Robert says: August 18, at John says: August 23, at Erik W.

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    There could be many reasons for your iPhone camera to keep crashing. A temporary software glitch or storage issues can cause such an error. However, we are here to help you resolve this final camera issue as well. This method will stop all background operations and close all Apps to take care of the possible cause behind the issue. Another fix is to restore your iPhone to which the camera keeps crashing. To do this, attach your iPhone to your personal computer and run iTunes.

    The last resort to fix any kind of iPhone camera not working issue is to reset your phone however, there is a risk of losing your data. So make sure you backup your data beforehand. All you need to do is analyze the problem carefully and adopt any one of the tricks mentioned in this article. So go ahead and fix your iPhone camera now! Jul 14, Part 1: Just follow the steps given carefully to resolve the iPhone camera not working issue: Part 2: Well, to make it easy, we have listed three tips to fix this issue and you may adopt any of the tricks listed below: Part 3: However, we are sure that the techniques given below will help you resolve this iPhone 6s camera not working issue: Part 4: However, in case you are unable to locate the App, there are 2 things you can do: Part 5: Simply follow these tricks as listed under: They're downloading.

    Download Download. In order to solve the problem, we will tell you why it happens and how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo.