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For Windows 10 users this only applies to desktop programs, not Windows Store apps. Select the program with a single left-click so that it's highlighted. Towards the top of the program list, click the Uninstall button that appears.

10 tips for removing a program that won't uninstall

If a pop-up button appears, it is usually asking whether or not you really want to uninstall the program. Left-click whatever the affirmative option is. Usually, this is Yes , Uninstall , or in some cases Execute. How long it takes for the program to disappear depends on what you're uninstalling. Simpler programs will disappear in a few seconds.

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When the uninstallation is complete, you will see the list of programs currently installed on your computer, minus the program you just uninstalled. There will not necessarily be a confirmation message that the program has been uninstalled, but there often is.

Remove Single Apps From Metro UI

If the program doesn't disappear from the Control Panel list right away give it a few minutes. In Windows 10, there are also two other ways to delete programs that are a little bit simpler than the Control Panel method. Next, you'll see a final warning window that lets you know what you are about to do can't be undone. If you're sure you want to remove the apps click Yes. After a few seconds, the apps you selected will be greyed out, meaning they're gone from your system.

How to Remove Pre-Installed Programs in Windows 8 - Make Tech Easier

You could also remove all the standard issue apps by clicking the Select All button and then clicking Remove Apps —but w hile this is a tempting feature, you'll want to be careful. Selecting to remove Communication, for example, means dumping Calendar, Mail, and People, which come packaged together from the Windows Store. Since those apps are handy, and require some configuration, you may not want to lose them. Also, keep in mind that the Start menu is set to return to Windows 8. When the Start menu does come back it will include the ability to display some at-a-glance data from modern apps such as local weather and calendar appointments.

So some modern apps may be worth keeping even if you don't use them right now.

How to Uninstall Applications form Windows 8

That said, if you ever want any of your deleted modern apps back, they are always available for download from the Windows Store. Press the Windows key to go back to the main Metro UI menu, and you will see Notepad added on the far right.

Uninstall Apps From Windows 7, 8, and 10

Windows 8 users who are looking for a better method to remove native apps from Windows 8 installation can now download a free utility called Windows 8 App Remover. With Windows 8 App Remover, you can remove native apps from Windows 8, as well as Windows 8 installation. You can either remove specific apps or all apps.

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  7. Now enjoy your Windows 8 Metro UI without any of the clutter. Were you really going to use the Finance app anyway? Sorry, but removing a few utilities will not dramatically increase the space available on an HD.

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